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Jan 11, 2016
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Chapter 2
The large open clearing contained numerous large smooth stones placed about in an unnatural arrangement. Time and history didn’t wear away the land exposing these monoliths. These were placed here by someone, before recorded history began, but for a purpose yet known. Nearly 12 feet tall and close to 4 foot wide, they towered over young...

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Jan 11, 2016
Book Cover for BIGFOOT


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Thirty years ago Jake Mueller witnessed the gruesome death of his father by a creature so terrifying, it strikes fear into the hearts of all those who believe. That Creature is the legend known as Bigfoot. Now thirty years later, his expertise as a tracker will be called into service when unexplained deaths occur in an otherwise quiet logging town. Local Sheriff John Packard and News Journalist Nancy Harris will join Mueller in the ultimate big game hunt. Each joins for their own personal reasons. Mueller for revenge, Harris for the truth, and Packard for his sworn duties as an officer, but the ultimate goal becomes the struggle for survival. "BlGFOOT" is a terrifying thriller blended together with classic horror fun.

Violence / Gore
Cursing / Vulgarity
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